Augmented reality installation. Webcam, paper, custom code




NIM(V)BY (Not In My (Virtual) Backyard) playfully models the expression “Not In My Backyard” in an interactive augmented reality space. NIMBY is an attitude where a resident may agree that certain development projects like airports or factories are necessary for society to function, but that these invasive, loud, polluting facilities should be built elsewhere. In our project, we examine walls as a solution to this problem, where repositioning a wall changes suburban homes into industrial structures, and back again. The wall in NIM(V)BY acts as a forceful compromise: unwanted developments are hidden behind the wall, but the wall itself is its own encroachment. The installation was created in Processing 1.5.1 using the NyARToolkit. Using AR pattern markers, 3D-modeled structures pop up when placed in front of a webcam. 3D models by Adrian Phillips, programming collaboration with Prita Hasjim.