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Tech Tutor

Email me at dougrosman@gmail.com; call or text me at (310) 433–1470 to schedule an appointment

As a tech tutor, I’m more interested in teaching you how to do things yourself, rather than simply solving your problems for you. My greatest passion is teaching, and it is my absolute pleasure to combine that passion with my tech skills.


If you are interested in getting over your technophobia or in just learning a new skill, I would love to work with you.


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Creative Coach

If you’re an artist, creative entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, I can help you with your social media, your website, and even shoot video or photos for you. I strive to remove the technological barriers that keep you from completing or pursuing the projects that are important to you.


If you have a creative project that you need help finishing or promoting, I can provide the technical solutions necessary to see that project through to completion and beyond.


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