Diary #1: Things I’ll have left (behind)


This is the first in an open-ended diary project. This one is a video of the current state of my attic.

These are the most of the things I’ll have left behind when I’ve moved to Chicago. Most of what you see in this video will be gone soon: donated, sold or recycled. All objects and images you see in this video have their own unique time and place in my history, and taken as a whole describe a pretty good line of best fit for who I’ve been. But it’s hard to get rid of things, so this video is a way to keep these things. This is what I’ll have left.

Shown here: Slices of my history represented as accumulated objects and misfit images on walls and a ceiling.

Bonus discussion/reflection question:

How do you deal with constantly reprocessing your past? As in, not how you process it, but how do you grow when you keep looking back?

Song: “I Dare You” by The XX

and it begins

What does one post for their first ever website posting?  I guess only people who don’t have any content worry about what their first web posting should be.  Content speaks for itself, right?  I’m sure the first person who ever drew something on a cave wall didn’t need to justify the wall to herself as a thing on which it would be good to draw animals.  She just drew the animals.

Well, I have no animal drawings, but I hereby mark this space as a place to put them once I do.



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